Super Light Air Clay

Very Krafty Super Light Air Clay is super soft, super light, super stretchy and super fun. You can bend it, stretch it and mould it into any shape then leave it out overnight and it drys hard like a foam/rubber. That's right no need for an oven you DO NOT heat it, It just air dries plus it's non-toxic so it's fun and SAFE. Once the kids have finished being "Very Krafty" and made their favorite characters or strange and wonderful creations they get to keep them forever. 

Super Light Air Clay


 We have a range of different fun bags available for purchase which include:

  • Pokemon
  • Animals
  • Superheros
  • Shopkins
  • Emojis
  • Xmas

Each fun bag contains enough clay to make all characters displayed on the front of the bag, some resealable bags for leftover clay. Each fun bag also contains a lolly and discount vouchers for attractions in and around the Gold Coast (Australia).   





Clay Bags
For those of you that want to get Very Krafty we also sell the individual bags of clay. You can purchase any of the 24 different colours individually or you can purchase a complete pack of all colours.

The colours available are:

White Black
Grey Red
Light Red Blue
Sky Blue Dark Pink
Pink Green
Fruit Green Light Green 
Fresh Green Purple
Light Purple Dirt
Coffee Yellow
Lemon Yellow Bright Orange
Orange Bright Yellow
Skin Gold




You can also purchase the clay bags in bulk, perfect for schools and kindergartens for more information on bulk orders please CONTACT US.